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I have this idea for a company but I’m not quite sure how it’ll do but here it goes: get a group of salesmen in different industries targeting the same types of leads. As an example, a group might consist of: local advertising, point-of-sale credit card, printing, website, SEO, etc… each of these individual salesmen are placed into a group that are specifically targeting restaurants as potential clients. Now, the product itself is the ability to “share” leads with non-competing industries (anonymously). As an example: the printing salesmen has companies A, B, and C as clients. They submit all the contact information to the group and in return for every lead they share they then get 4 more leads that, while cold, are incredibly detailed. Groups can be of varying different sizes so each salesmen gets X leads back. Also, you can rate each lead you receive so that the overall salesmen gets a “rating”. Get a shitty rating and you’re booted (or go to a shitty group)

Potentially, this could just morph into: “submit X lead, get ABC leads back” as a group might not necessarily be needed. However, I think it will so that 5 different people in different industries compete for the exact same lead thereby devaluing the platform as a whole. Yea, there might be some crafty things to make “submit X lead, get ABC leads back” w/o the groups but I think just having a group might be easier. Idk. And I’d have to make sure that there was a way to filter out leads if there are multiple groups in an area. Maybe at the end of the day I’d actually have to limit the number of people actually on the platform / targeting a specific leads in a specific industry. This is a to-do.

On top of that, there could be an up-sell so that every time you do get a lead then you can have someone cold-call / keep following up with someone until you get an appointment. That way, the only thing that’s needed is to submit a lead(s) and you’ll get appointment(s).

This is all just a thought I had a long time ago but sort of updated it to see if it’s worth pursuing.